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Tri state garage services is a garage door repair and installation company that has garage door technicians all over the tri state area and specifically in Staten Island, NY. We offer services regarding all aspect of garage doors. Staten Island, NY is an area we are specifically familiar with and one of our three headquarter locations. You can be assured our technicians will arrive on time and offer top level services.

If you are looking for a company to fix your doors today you are at the right place. If you need a garage door spring repair or replacement, a new garage door installation, or some basic garage door maintenance contact us at 917-547-5438.

There is no job too complicated for Tri State Garage Services Staten Island, NY. If you are wondering if we can fix your overhead door or repair the most complicated situation, we can. We fix both residential overhead doors and commercial garage doors.

Tri State Garage Door Repairs Staten Island, NY will always be available to come for emergency jobs. We are insured and warranty our work. Ask us for discounts as our prices will compete and beat any other garage doors company in Staten Island.

Garage Door Spring Repairs Staten Island, NY

Did you ever wonder how a garage door that is so heavy can lift and close so easily it has to do with the tension the springs provide. Most of the weight of the garage door is held on the springs. Since a garage door in Staten Island is opened and closed a few times a day the springs have the most wear and tear.

Garage doors spring repairs in Staten Island, NY is one of the most common problems for a garage door. We can fix any type of spring repair and provide new top of the line springs. We guarantee our services will exceed your expectations. Garage door spring repair Staten Island, NY come in different sizes and qualities. Not every garage door spring fits every door so it is important to call a professional for these situations, Nonetheless spring repair Staten Island, NY is one of the most dangerous aspects of DIY repairs.

Extension Spring Repair Staten Island, NY

Tri State Garage have top caliber technicians in Staten Island, NY. We want to keep our customers happy and safe. It is sometimes hard to diagnose what the problem is with your garage door. If the door is off balance or is just not opening and closing easily it is not recommended to play around with the door. When an extension spring snaps it can become deadly as it ricochets around your garage door.

Tri state Garage Services always recommends to practice high safety measures if trying to DIY garage doors repair Staten Island. The extension springs are located on the sides of the garage door and are always smaller than the torsion spring which is the one on top of the door. Every garage door in Staten Island requires some sort of springs. If there is ever a problem with any of your springs we can come fix them today.

Safety Cables (Extension Springs) Staten Island, NY

When a technician installs an extension spring he also puts safety cables on the installation. Always remember to include safety cables to your springs if deciding to “do it yourself”. The job of the safety cables is to keep the spring under control if an d when they break. The reason to keep a spring under control is for both safety and risk mitigation. When these springs snap they can fly into a car or worse a human and badly damage it. How can you locate to see if you have safety cables? Look to see if there is a metal wire inside your springs extending from one side of the spring to the other. Do not confuse these safety cables with the cables going up the side of the door. Always call a technician to install safety cables if you do not have them.

Torsion Spring Repair Staten Island, NY

Torsion springs are the springs above your overhead door. They are bigger than the extension springs as they require to hold much more tension. Torsion spring repair Staten Island, NY is a harder repair than the extension springs. These garage doors repair Staten Island require a technician with the professional tools and precautions. If a torsion spring was to snap the door can come slamming down on you with full force. Overhead doors weigh a lot and can become lethal if there is a spring malfunction.

Garage Door Opener Repair Staten Island, NY

Garage Door openers are key for a garage door to operate smoothly. They make garage doors convenient and easy to open and close. Having a working garage door opener Staten Island, NY will allow you to free hand enter and exit. What happens if the garage door opener breaks or stops working? You have to manually do the work every time you come home tired from work or grocery shopping. Sometimes you use the garage mechanism many times a day. Purchasing a garage door opener that is of high quality and installed correctly is a wide investment.

Tri State Garage Opener Repair Staten Island can come today and fix or install a new garage door opener for you. We use state of the art companies such as Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, ect. We can help install applications to your phone or just show you how to use your controller to control your garage door. Call us today at 917-547-5438

Which garage door opener is the best?


There are several different options a garage door opener can provide. It is up to our customers who we service and consult with us about what type they prefer. Many provide options such as noise reduction, controller opener, application opener, car receivers, lights on the opener ect. We always recommend our preferred retail partner openers such as Liftmaster. Tri State Garage Door Opener Repair Staten Island service your garage door opener fully. We make sure everything is working completely and keep you satisfied. Our goal is for your opener to last you a long time. We have a warranty on many of our opener installations. Many garage door openers last 20+ years and that is exactly how long we want yours to last.


Guaranteed Service

If you are looking for a leading garage door repair and installation company in the New Jersey or New York, your search ends here. We are locally owned and operate specially in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Ocean County, Monmouth, Union County, Bergen County and Hudson County.

Customer satisfaction is what Tri-State Garage Door Services vouches for. We take full guarantee on all products and services delivered by the company during garage door servicing.

Tri-State Garage Services works with the top brands in the industry. We are a genuine dealers of Amarr, Genie, Clopay, Raynour, Liftmaster, Stanley etc.

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